Quilt show 12-19 July 2019 in Mora


Here is some information about our show and guild.

Our guild Ovansiljans Quiltförening has more than 70 members, about 20-25 get together once every 2 weeks to inspire each other and sew together.

Every other year we host a big quilt show in Mora with about 400-500 quilts.

This year we will show quilts by:

World Wide Whispers Global Project – see text below

Ann Hill – administrator of WWW will also show some of her own quilts

Jill Lindström, Vittsjö who also will give classes in free motion quilting

And lots by our own guild members:

For example Simone Steuxner - award winning quilter (in USA, England and Sweden) who will show some of her quilts and also give classes.

We have many members who lives in other places in Sweden which we don’t see during our sewing together and they always surprise us during the shows. And several long arm quilters as well.

Among ourselves we have a small competition - theme – Autumn. With the public as the jury!

And we also have had 2 challenges among members 2018 and 2019 – and we will show the outcome!

We also have members who does other things besides quilting who will demonstrate band weaving (Barbro Wallin) and embroidery (Johanna Faber).   

World Wide Whispers Global Project

Do you remember that child’s birthday party game where someone whispers a sentence and it goes around the room, ending with something completely different? Well..., this project is like that, but with quilts.

Five quilt makers from five different countries started this project on September 21, 2017. It has grown to more than 30 countries participating.

Starting with a photograph (taken by David Hill), Scotland quilter Ann Hill created a piece (24” x 18”) inspired by that photo. She sent a photo of her finished piece to Paula Rafferty in Ireland, who created her piece based on Ann’s finished piece.

Off to Jeltje van Essen (The Netherlands) next, then to Debbi Cagney (USA), and then to Kim Caskey (Canada).

This unique collaborative project will be shown at Quilt shows around the world commencing in 2019.